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    Obećava grrrutra (avatar)
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    Smile centrefolds

    Da li neko mozda zna o cemu je rec u ovoj pesmi?

    "Centrefolds" PLACEBO

    Come on Balthazaa I refuse to let you die
    Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die
    Cos that's wrong and I've been waiting far too long
    It's wrong I've been waiting far too long
    For you to be..be me..be..be mine
    For you to be mine..be mine..for you to be mine
    And it's wrong, I've been waiting far too long
    It's wrong, I've been waiting far too long
    For you to be..be me..be

    All the centrefolds that you can't afford
    Have long since waved their last goodbyes
    All the centrefolds that you can't afford
    You've long since faded from their eyes
    So be..be mine [x2]

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    Domaćin Ocean_state (avatar)
    Behind the curtain - out of the cupboard
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    Podrazumevano Re: centrefolds

    Neke pesme jednostavno nemaju veze svezom. Tako je makar u pop muzici. Mada ova pesma ima.
    Evo sta sam izguglo.

    omg this song reminds me sooo much of my girlfriend. especially the line "Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die". she's a cutter like i once was, and sometimes suicidal. its like im determined to save her, and not let her kill herself.

    by Laurenne on 04-11-2004 @ 09:41:36 AM
    It seems to me that he's in love with someone extremely superficial, hence: "All the centrefolds that you can't afford", meaning they mean nothing to that person, or vice versa. He's saying it's time to move on, because he's "been waiting far too long" and accept the fact you can't always have the flawless beauty.

    But that's just me.

    by duff on 04-15-2004 @ 02:48:56 PM
    I think that he's singing about a once popular centerfold model who's no longer attractive because of aging and no longer attracts any attention "come on fallen star".

    She longs for one last time in the limelight, and its not happening. She sees her only option is plastic surgery, which she cant afford "all the centerfolds you can't afford", and now she's past the stage where plastic surgery can save her youth, so she only has her dreams... "be mine"

    by sliverofme on 09-24-2004 @ 04:44:01 AM
    I think that it's about Balthazar Getty and Brian has a little crush on him.

    by sliverofme on 09-24-2004 @ 04:46:34 AM
    I mean let's face it, where is Balthazar now? He's a fallen star who hasn't been working a lot lately and probably can't afford all the "high class" centrefolds he used to date.

    by retardotyler on 12-15-2004 @ 05:56:18 AM
    i think the end sums it up. you cant have all the other people better than me so you might as well be mine.

    by nonnycries on 01-07-2005 @ 03:19:09 AM
    love it.

    by ChubbyPrincess on 04-08-2005 @ 04:13:52 PM
    No matter what it's about, I totally love this song. its so sentimental and so beautiful... All the time its so quiet and calm , just when Brian sings the lines: "All the centrefolds..." his voice becomes a bit louder... Still its very sad.

    by FalseSmiles on 12-09-2005 @ 11:14:00 PM
    A truly beautiful song. Perfect for just sitting alone, listening to loudly and reflecting. My favourite slow Placebo song.

    by megn412 on 03-15-2006 @ 08:08:24 PM
    I think this is about a person who is superficial and is past his prime and is in depression because of it. The speaker is in love with this person and is telling him that his days of being with centrefold models are over, so he should just succumb to the speaker's love.

    by Dresden_doll on 06-11-2006 @ 08:55:59 PM
    I'm sorry to say it, but i'm argentine and i have got NO clue of what a centrefold is... anyway, what i wanted to say is that, in my opinion, in the first part of the song, where it says "Come on Balthazaa I refuse to let you die
    Come on fallen star I refuse to let you die " he's reffering to wishes... i mean, he's talking about Balthazaa and about a fallen star (just for the record: sopossedly (i don't know how to spell that word) you have to make a wish every time you see a shooting star) and shooting stars are meant to fall, so...
    well, taht's all... love the lyrics, even though i don't know what centrefold means

    by Shadoweaver on 07-04-2006 @ 01:31:55 PM
    I am not a native speaker (i am from BG) but i found out that centerfolds means middle pages in a book or in a magazine ... Centerfold in a Playboy for example is the middle page where it is one holw big piece of paper and there is ususaly a big picture of a naked girl... so my guess is that he is saing: Hey you cannot afford those girls/boys (beacuse of the whole "gay" stuff I am never sure) so come to me and be mine

    by thre4t on 08-16-2006 @ 07:41:20 PM
    Well... the centrefold definition is correct. The song,from what I understand is about small people with great dreams... It`s like when you look at the picture of the girl and you just wish she was yours, maybe just for a night. Sexuality is not excluded from Placebo lyrics, and it may be what he felt once. Anyways, Brian declared the songs are inspired from their own experiences. But still, it`s a very nice song.

    Mrzelo me da prevodim. Ako si uspeo da procitas pesmu valjda ces uspeti i ovo.

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    Obećava grrrutra (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: centrefolds

    Uspela sam da procitam, hvala puno!

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