По старом обичају већ неколико ескадрила је у употреби, одлични промотивни снимци Кинеске ТВ:


У употреби је 52 авиона у три ловачка пука:
7, 130 и 131 ловачки пук

Last updated: 21 January 2007HISTORY
First flight 22 March 1998
Initial operational capability 2003
Operator PLA Air Force
Variants J-10 (prototype)
J-10A (single-seat fighter)
J-10B (two-seat fighter-trainer)
J-10A One
J-10B Two
Role Air-superiority, ground attack
Designer 611 Aircraft Design Institute, Chengdu
Manufacturer Chengdu Aircraft Company
Estimated cost N/A
Length 15.50m
Wingspan 9.70m
Height N/A
Wing area 39 square metres
Canard area N/A
Empty 8,300kg
Typical Air-to-Air Combat 13,200kg
Max take-off 18,000kg
Fuel capacity 4,500kg
Max payload N/A
Powerplant 1X Russian Lyulka-Saturn AL-31F turbofan
Thrust (dry) 79.43kN (17,857lb)
Thrust (afterburning) 122.58kN (27,557lb)
Max level speed Mach 1.2 (sea-level) or Mach 2.2 (high altitude)
Max climb rate N/A
Service ceiling N/A
Range (without refuelling) >1,300km
In-flight refuelling Yes
G limit +9/-3g
Fixed weapon Single-barrel 23mm internal cannon
External hardpoints 11
Air-to-air missiles PL-8, PL-12
Air-to-surface missiles N/A
Bomb 500kg laser-guided bomb
Other 90mm unguided rocket launcher
Fire-control radar Type 1473 (?) pulse-Doppler radar, ~100km detecting range, tracking 10 targets and attacking 2 of them simultaneously
Other A ‘glass cockpit’ with four multifunctional displays (MFD), head-up display (HUD), GPS/INS navigations, air data computer, ARW9101 radar warning receiver (RWR), Type 634 digital quadruplex “fly-by-wire” (FBW) system, and digital fuel management system