Руси први пут оперативно употребили Ми-28
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Tema: Руси први пут оперативно употребили Ми-28

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    Podrazumevano Руси први пут оперативно употребили Ми-28

    During the “Union Shield 2006” Russian-Byelorussian large-scale headquarters exercises the Mi-28N helicopter, for the first time accomplishing tasks in military maneuvers, proved its full readiness to be used in real battlefield environment.

    For participation in the exercises two Mi-28N helicopters, the experimental and first serial ones, were suspend from the final stage of the state joint tests. Helicopters including the Mi-28N were used at the final phase of the exercises for close fire support of tank columns. Due to helicopter’s high piloting characteristics only two preliminary flights were performed by the helicopters crews during preparation for the exercises in order to practice group flying and master the tactics of operation in pair.

    the Mi-28N helicopter

    During the exercises the Mi-28N helicopter crews demonstrated nap-of-the-earth flight; steep climb followed by a fire attack from diving and approach for a repeated attack. Unguided missiles were launched at assumed enemy’s targets followed by firing the airborne gun.

    The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian AF Army General Vladimir Mikhailov underlined that the Mi-28N proved its high tactical-technical characteristics and that the decision of Russian Federation’s top officials to put the helicopter in the inventory was correct.

    The officials from the Byelorussian Ministry of Defence informed as well of their interest in acquiring the Mi-28N for the National Air Forces.

    Кажу да је наручено 67 нових хеликоптера

    ROSTOV-ON-DON: Russia's Defense Ministry is planning to purchase 67 Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters in the next few years, the defense minister said Wednesday.

    "The Mi-28N's specifications and combat characteristics are equal to those of three Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters, which are currently the mainstay of Russia's helicopter fleet," Sergei Ivanov said.

    He said the Defense Ministry would buy seven Night Hunters by the end of the year.

    He also said the multi-role all-weather combat Ka-52 Alligator helicopter, a twin-seat derivative of the attack Ka-50, would only be used in special missions by the Armed Forces' Main Intelligence Directorate, including in anti-terrorist operations.

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    Podrazumevano Re: Руси први пут оперативно употребили Ми-28

    Kad se kaze 'operativno upotrebili', valjda se misli za stvarno a ne na vezbi, ili mozda gresim?
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    Podrazumevano Re: Руси први пут оперативно употребили Ми-28

    Pitanje bi vol`o da sam Cecen...

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