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  • Ljudi sreću traže u pustinji
    Ne vide izvor što nas uči živjeti
    A meni se srce širi Hvala Tebi što ja živim
    pa ti sedždu činim svaki dan

    Ah da sam sad leptir razdragan
    Što mu život vrijedi samo jedan dan
    Ja bih Njemu bio odan
    Zikrio bih cijeli dan

    All your armies, all your fighters
    All your tanks, and all your soldiers
    Against a boy holding a stone
    Standing there all alone
    In his eyes I see the sun
    In his smile I see the moon
    And I wonder, I only wonder
    Who is weak, and who is strong?
    Who is right, and who is wrong?
    And I wish, I only wish
    That the truth has a tongue !!!
    Take account of yourself, before it’s too late
    Before the end of the line, you’re given fate
    In this respite, before you die
    Question why your deeds are nigh

    Where is fear, where are the tears
    That we need to show to the One who hears
    You stand here now, and you say you believe
    But I ask you this, where are your deeds ?

    I ne recite za one koji su na Allahovu putu poginuli: "Mrtvi su!" Ne, oni su živi, ali vi to ne znate! (El-Bekare 154 )
    We look for stories of love, in places dark and cold
    When we have a guiding light, for the whole world to behold
    But were so selfish in our ways, and to the ones we hold so close
    Our own pleasure and happiness is what we value most

    But she sacrificed all her wealth and everything she had
    And he honored her, and gave her faith,
    when the times were bad, when times were bad...

    Have you read about the time, he stepped from his house,
    There was trash at his door
    Calmly he gathered trash that was scattered,
    But every day there was more.

    But one day it was missing, so he went to visit
    that neighbor was ill
    The neighbor, amazed at the kindness displayed
    Despite all the trash he would spill
    Does it matter if the people respect me, when its not for Allah?
    When I know anytime He can take me, without one real du'a (prayer)
    Does it matter if they say I'm a big shot?
    when I get no reward for my deeds
    And I'm dragged on the Day of Resurrection
    Cause of the folks that I wanted to please
    Plus I know that Allah has the power
    To raise me up in their eyes if it need be
    I should always make my intentions, for my Lord, Allah completely

    :worth: :)
    Fight the corruption, spark an eruption
    Wont turn a blind eye to all your destruction
    And I will never put you higher than my Lord,
    With Him is my reward, and with this I’m reassured

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