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  • Hi Ucencovjek,

    sorry for not speaking for so long. I am finishing my Bsc now and I do not have much time for... anything. I had once a friend from Serbai and she was a great person. I was in Vienna for a year and that is how we met. We lost contact then unfortunately (it was 8 years agi and it was not fb era hech...). But I have all the positive feeings about your country. I hope to visit it once. I was hoping your propoliteta is goig to mean sth similar (my grandpa probably "brought" thi word from the Austro-Hungarian arny. Apparently it has some other source in your language though.

    I would like to give you my e-mail address or fb account but I am afraid anybody ould see it here? Am I right?:/

    Best regards and thank you very much for the answer:))

    I see your post now,sorry for late.We use word "propalitet" to describe someone who is ridiculous and a failure.This word is derivatives of "propo" ,serbian word what mean,"someone person who fails in his life" .This not means what you tell me,do not ? Things/tools for painting is far away therefrom.I sorry if you disappointed for that :zag:
    If you more something to tell me about you,your language,culture,place where you live,i be very happy to meet differences about ours cultures and expand cooperation between us ;)
    Just today my colleague from Podkarpackie region told me he knows a word of similar meaning and a bit similar sound. The word is 'propiteta' or 'propitety'. I researched a bi in the web and it occured the word occures from time to time in Little Poland Dialects (a part of former Galicia - also under Austro-Hungarian rule in the past). But never is it spoken as proPOLiteta.

    I would think that maybe the family of my father or he himself invented the more complicated form, but why does exactly the same form exist somewhere else? And - so far away?

    That is why I wonder if you use this word in the similar sense, if it is also plural and if it is regional or widespread in your country. I do not think it is the latter, because I would have found it in many places in the web.I would be most grateful if you could answer. Also, if it is a dialectal word, it would be helpful if you could tell me what region you are from and/or where your parents come from.

    Best regards to you!

    Coming to the point: 'propoliteta' has always been one of my favourite words and since about two years ago I started looking for it in dialect dictionaries and in the net. My father uses it quite a lot ( I am not sure now if I ever heard the word outside of my family). When I found you using this word I got so excited that I started to talk everyone about it:D It just can't be a coincidence as the word is so specific. I do not think it developed independently in Serbian and in a silesian dialect fo Polish. (Am I right that your language is Serbian, by the way? If not please correct me...).

    My fathers uses it always in plural, mostly when he talks about his "propoliteta do malowanio" (things/tools for painting) or sth like "taki tam różne propoliteta" (some various things/tools). I associate it with (small) things and tools that might be useful for some particular purpose.
    Hello:) sorry for answering so late but I had to wait till my account was fully activated to be able to answer you.

    I come from Cieszyn Silesia (Teschen Silesia), which is currently partly in Poland and partly in the Czech Repubic. In our region we use a dialect of Polish that for a long long time was developing in isolation from the Polish language for the simple reason that from 1327 to 1920 the region was outside of Poland (among others in Austria-Hungary). The dialect is intelligible for standard-Polish speakers but it is very interesting and I love it because it is the language of my childhood:)

    I am studying now English Philology and I have decided to write my Bsc in linguistics, about borrowings from German in my dialect.
    I very happy for your interest for my language :).Can you explain meaning of word "propolitet" in context that you use ?
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