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Eric Draven

Kosovo je srce Srbije

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Kosovo is heart of Serbia
Today our people proudly say that Kosovo is heart of Serbia.But what could possibly prove these claims?For that question to be answered we must return to the past...to the humble beginings of our people.Kosovo has a quite big history behind her.In the begining this teritory was under the rule of Thraco-Ilirian tribes,then came the Roman Empire,Byzantium.Serbian Empire,Ottomans and then was ours again.Under oure rule Kosovo was thorn in Byzantines eye

In the time when noble line of Nemanjic ruled,Kosovo has flourished into a flawless pearl and cradle of our culture.Many monuments and churches were risen on that land and most of them still exist(Gracanica,Patriarchate of Pec,Prizren(wich became the spiritual centre of Serbian church and many more)

It was heroic blood of our ancestors that was spilled on this land.They soaked it because of principles,for freedom and ever lasting glory of Serbia and people within it!Our Emperor(da tako sam ga nazvao) Lazar Hrebeljanovic led our people in this decisive moment of one last stand!This battle happened on our sacred day of Vidovdan 1389.I must mention the words he spoke in the night before this great battle.
Who is Serb and of Serbian kin
And of Serbian blood and knee
and does not fight at Kosovo
May from his hand nothing flourish
Nor delicious wine or white weat
May nothing borns of his kin
nor boy nor a girl
And may his name is ill spoken
between his bretheren
and his kin...

Many heroes died on this day...many great lifes were lost
(Borthers Jugovic and Jug Bogdan,Milos Obilic,and the life of Lazar Hrebeljanovic himself).They have set an flawless example of how should a true patriot behave,and for this reason their names will be writen on the hearts of true Serbian men.
Today Albanian people are saying that Kosovo is theirs.The same people that butchered countlles Serbs from 1389 until today are claiming that they have rights on this land.
But let them think what they want,history is already written and it cant be denied.Kosovo will remain the heart of Serbia even if it is reaped from her chest...

By Eric Draven

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Ažurirano 22.10.2008. u 19:19, autor: Eric Draven



  1. Glupachica (avatar)
    Bravo Eric
  2. Eric Draven (avatar)
    ...da se malo digne svest patriotama/patriJotama sa ovog foruma sta rec patriotizam zaista znaci...
  3. Miss032_where2 (avatar)
    Divno je zaistaa
  4. Romanticus (avatar)
    Pricas vetru buraz............talking to the wind.............but nice,and very heart spoken from you.............