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Abba, my Lord

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With a heart full of hapiness
I kneel before you to say my prayers
And filled with greatfulness my lord
for your guidance along the way

See life has been a challenge for me
So many times I didn't knew right from wrong
I was feeling lost a countless times
Before your love and strenght came along

i don't even think that I "found" you
I truly believe that you found me
Just when I needed it the most
you entered my life and set me free

My eyes filled with tears of joy
blessed that you chose me to preach your word
this wonderful mission that became the centre for all that is me
The centre of my earthly life, and I couldn't be more proud

And as I am here, kneeling for you
Believing with every breath I take
I feel that you believe in me too
That you believe in all of us, your children.

What more could I ask for in life?
What more could I impossibly need in life?
Nothing more than your strength
Nothing more than your love
Lord, you are my saviour

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