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Produced by:
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia

Darko Mitrevski, Alessandro Verdecchi, Gianluca Curti, Carlo Dusi
Executive Producer: Loris Curci
Associate Producer: Robert Naskov
Unit Production Manager: Zoran Ristevski

Writter & Director: Darko Mitrevski
Director of Photography: Suki Medenčević
Production Designer: Bujar Muça
Costume Designer: Žaklina Krstevska
Editor: Giacobbe Gamberini
Composer: Kiril Džajkovski
Make-up Artist: Sandra Ivatović
Camera Operator: Dejan Dimeski
Gaffer: Petar Bogoevski
Key Grip: Nenad Vasić
SFX: M’barek Žamal
Set Co-ordinator: Tome Molovski
Location Manager: Robert Jazadžiski
Sound Engineer: Nenad Vukadinović
Sound Mixer: Claudio Toselli
First Ass. Director: Milan Bulatović

Cameras, grip & lighting: PANTER – Munchen
Postproduction: TECNO FILM – Rome
Laboratory: AUGUSTUS COLOR – Rome

Adolfo Margiotta as SANTINO GENOVESE
Zvezda Angelovska as RUŽA
Seka Sabljić as ZUMBULA
Antonella Troise as LARA
Toni Mihajlovski as DŽANGO SAPUN
Nikola Kojo as OSMAN
Dejan Aćimović as MATO
Petar Božović as SAVO
Miodrag Krivokapić as VESELIN
Irena Ristić as THE SECRETARY
Vasko Todorov as VITOMIR
Branko Ognjanovski as SERAFIM
Petar Mirčevski as HOMER
Emil Ruben as THE DOCTOR
Petar Arsovski as THE GRAVEDIGGER
Dimitar Stankovski as THE CLERK
Luran Ahmeti as KRESHNIK
Naçi Saban as CARLITO
Hismet Ramadani as ISMET
Kiril Pop Hristov as BLINDY
Veronika Zakovska as NADYA


Once upon a time (in 1950’s, to be more precise), in a land called Macedonia (in those times part of so-called “Tito’s Yugoslavia”), there were two brave blood-brothers named Vitomir and Serafim. These two dynamic and charming gentlemen shared high risks and very little profit which they obtained by smuggling goods from the capitalistic West into socialist East. But one day their growing fame raised the curiosity of an evil man named Shefket Ramadani, a powerful bloodthirsty king of underground whose name sent shivers down many-a-spine. He asked them to take part to a train robbery, granting them eternal richness… Only too late our heros realized that this “easy money” operation is in fact a set-up! So, Serafim got caught by the police, while Vitomir made a cowardly escape, diving into Adriatic Sea and swimming his way to the coasts of Italy, where he proclaimed himself as a political refugee and adopted the fictitious name of Vito Genovese.
Half a century went by. The old and wealthy Don Genovese is breathing his last wish into the ear of his son Santino: “I have a debt to pay, my son!” he whispers “I have betrayed my blood-brother and left him to die in prison... But I’ve heard that he left a son behind him. If that boy ever finds himself in trouble, my dear Santino, be there to help him, be there to pay for the sins of your dead father!”.
In a meantime, a civil war is raging into Macedonia. A poor cowardly loser named Trendafil Karanfilov, son of the deceased Serafim, is fleeing his home-town to avoid joining the local army. Together with his wife Ruža he’s hurriedly packing all sorts of goods (including her wicked mother Zumbula) into their family car, destination neighboring Bulgaria. But that spring of 2001 was too hot, incredibly hot… and the old granny Zumbula perishes due to the heat! Faced with the bureaucracy in a foreign land, with an old corpse that begins to rot, Trendafil decides to smuggle Zumbula’s body back to Macedonia, wrapped up in a carpet. And so he has done… but the carpet was stolen on the way home!
That day, a phone rings in Santino’s night club: there is his blood-brother Trendafil, the one he has never seen, asking for help! The voice of his dead father Vitomir echoes in his head, so Santino Genovese hurries from Italy to provide the promised help - and the two of them start their quest for a carpet with a dead granny wrapped in it. From antic Greece to Serbia and Montenegro, over the mountains of Bosnia to the fields of Kosovo, all-over the nine hell circles of the Balkan criminal underground.
Madness and sorrow, life and death, tears and laugh, in one of the most thrilling adventures on this side of the planet: BALCANCAN!

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  1. Montezuma (avatar)
    nisam gledao ali sam cuo za ovaj film...potrudi cu se da ga pogledam, deluje zanimljivo...
  2. chemer (avatar)
    film je fenomenalan, gledao sam ga pre godinu dana i mogao bih ponovo
  3. Koschei.Besmertnii (avatar)
    хапшење Бате Канкана са овим филмом?
    Чујем да је јуче ухапшен!
  4. ancika (avatar)
    Nemam pojma. Ovde se pricha o filmu i onome shta nam on predstavlja.
  5. strani placenik bre (avatar)
    Odlican film.