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    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA


    Casablanca Angel of the night 88.153
    C.C.Catch Are you man enough 66.151
    C.C.Catch V.I.P 36.143
    C.C.Catch Are you men enough 38.301
    C.C.Catch Baby I need your love 32.673
    C.C.Catch Back girl/midnight men 75.891
    C.C.Catch Backseat of your cadillac 167.811
    C.C.Catch Backseat of your cadillac 34.784
    C.C.Catch Cause you are young 159.291
    C.C.Catch Good guys only win… 39.769
    C.C.Catch Remix hits russian 208.272
    C.C.Catch Nothing but a heartache 33.323
    C.C.Catch Soul survivor 33.606
    C.C.Catch Strangers by night 57.873
    C.C.Catch Wild fire 37.486
    C.C.CATCH Silence 37.725
    C.C.Catch/Chris Norman Stumblin in 144.837
    Cabballero Dancing with tears in my eyes 86.190
    Camela Dame tu 47.861
    Camela Nunca 58.422
    Camomilla Queen of the night 40.876
    Candee Jay Back for me 70.463
    Candee Jay If I were you 71.867
    Candee Jay Loose this feelin 68.191
    Carl Douglas Kung fu 53.897
    Carmile I got my mind 154.486
    Carolina Marquez The killer song 91.250
    Carrara Disco king 46.544
    Casablanca The girl of lucifer 41.509
    Cascada Everythime we touch 129.645
    Cascada Ready for love 60.990
    CCCP American soveits 23.232
    Celeste Hey boy 20.283
    Celeste Hey boy 95.974
    Cerrone Love in c minor 37.392
    Cerrone Supernature 40.114
    Chakka Khan Aint nobody 202.494
    Champagne That s life 23.559
    Chanel My life 35.550
    Charles Tina I love to love 48.886
    Chayanne Torrero 37.723
    Cherry Laine Catch the cat 140.339
    Cherry Lynn Got to be real 31.161
    Chicas Manana 27.045
    Chilly For your love 45.127
    China Crisis Fire and steel 42.373
    Chip Chip Everuthing you love 29.967
    Chipz 1001 85.777
    Chipz Captain Hook 123.312
    Chipz Chipz in black 106.578
    Chipz Cowboy 147.708
    Chocolate Puma Always 75.842
    Chriss Sweet for my sweets 21.838
    Chriss Norman Some hearts… 38.061
    Ciao Fellini La mia banda 29.509
    Ciao Fellini Noche a bahia 31.204
    Cicada The things you say 38.935
    Claudio Simonetti Demon 105.553
    Claudja Barry Boogie woogie 52.643
    Claudja Barry Work me over 26.922
    Click Duri duri 59.934
    Clout Save me 45.180
    Company B. Fascinated 40.250
    Conways A walk in the park 38.935
    Cora Amsterdam 37.561
    Cora Komm vir fahren 149.461
    Cover Girls Shaw me 38.033
    Crazy Frog Axel.F 34.277
    Crazy Frog Last chrismas 32.625
    Crazy Frog Pop Corn 55.947
    Crazy Frog Rana Loca 65.077
    Crazy Frog We are the champion 28.706
    Critical Maas Burning love 197.972
    Curacau Yiasou 149.300


    D.D. Sound 30.816
    Da Buzz Alive 69.977
    Da Buzz Dangerous 68.706
    Da Buzz Let me love you 62.585
    Daddy dj Daddy dj 17.610
    DAF Brothers 34.890
    Dallas Superstars I feel love 82.033
    Dan Hartman Instant replay 76.204
    Dana International Diva 58.428
    Danielle Bollinger Kiss the sky 51.078
    Danii Minogue I don’t wanna… 42.940
    Danii Minogue Begin to wonder 85.287
    Danuta Lato Touch my heart 42.947
    Danzel Pump it up 45.652
    Danzel Put your hands 69.911
    Danzel You are all of that 58.981
    David Guettta Just a little more time 35.287
    David Guettta Love don’t let me go 29.436
    David Guettta The world is mine 170.727
    David Lyme Bambina 66.768
    David Lyme I don’t wanna loose 80.658
    Daydream In the night 20.082
    DAZE Superhero lover 71.355
    DAZE Tamagotchi 71.193
    De Vision Try to forget 67.607
    Dead or Alive Brand new lover 26.154
    Dead or Alive In too deep 38.023
    Dead or Alive Lover come back to me 32.794
    Dead or Alive Something in my house 56.867
    Dead or Alive Spin me around 31.277
    Dead or Alive Big hits remix 116.566
    Dead or Alive You spind me ® 2004 51.216
    Debarge Rhythm in the night 178.122
    Deborah Kinley All for you 38.135
    Deborah Kinley Suprise 70.022
    Deborah Kinley Surprise /live/ 34.990
    Debut De S. Nuit de folie 41.313
    Dee D. Jackson Automatic 42.988
    Dee D. Jackson Meteor men 144.247
    Dee D. Jackson SOS 42.134
    Dee D. Jackson Thunder and lighting 98.124
    Deep Dish Flashdance 42.906
    Deep Spirit Lonely 84.740
    Del Faro Baby baby 39.451
    Den Harrow A taste of love 35.800
    Den Harrow Catch the fox 45.039
    Den Harrow Charleston 38.281
    Den Harrow Charleston /live/ 39.636
    Den Harrow Day by day 35.737
    Den Harrow Don’t break my heart 80.038
    Den Harrow Future brain 47.107
    Den Harrow Hollyday nights 80.832
    Den Harrow You have a way 151.502
    Desireless Voyage voyage 190.446
    Device Hanging on a heart 79.166
    DHT Listen to your heart 152.506
    Diana Ross Up side down ® 64.738
    Diana Ross I will survive 56.603
    Dieter Bohlen Gasoline 51.216
    Digital Emotion Go go Yellow 47.107
    Digital Emotion Go go Yellow /live/ 132.800
    Digital Game Please don’t go 53.374
    Discoblaster Fading 138.131
    Discoteka Avaria Novogodnaja 49.182
    Divine Im so beautiful 33.739
    Divine Love reaction 24.281
    Divine Love reaction /live/ 27.934
    Divine Shake it up /live/ 25.276
    Divine Shake it up 40.276
    Divine You think 69.539
    Divine Hard magic 21.037
    Dj Aligator Music is moving 39.097
    Dj Aligator Davai 63.953
    Dj Aligator Stomp 69.130
    Dj Aligator The whistle song 52.406
    Dj boozy woozy Jump around 92.652
    Dj Daz Woah song 52.406
    Dj Doc Run to you 49.803
    Dj Isaac Thriller 101.251
    Dj Jose Steeping to the beat 73.519
    Dj Jose House of… 37.814
    Dj Miko Whats up 41.286
    Dj Otzi Baby baby 36.941
    Dj Otzi Life is live 81.731
    Dj Pierro Another world 74.795
    Dj Provenzano La canzoni 46.157
    Dj Quicksilver Ameno 41.134
    Dj Ross Beat goes on 40.528
    Dj Ross Dreamland 80.178
    Dj Ross Emotion 45.894
    Dj Ross Floating in love 53.113
    Dj Ross Get up 68.751
    Dj Sammy Heaven 64.598
    Dj Tatana Always 61.144
    Dj Wout Mastermind 63.579
    Dj Wout Somebody else 65.238
    Dolly Dots Radio 31.521
    Dominoe Herer I am 27.000
    Doris D. Danc on 28.053
    Dr Alban It smy life ® 334.952
    Dr Alban Long time ago 71.359
    Dr Bombay Calcutta 67.390
    Dreamgirls One night only 79.540
    Dresden China Fire and rain 30.857
    Dschinghis Khan Moskau 22.664
    Dschinghis Khan Pistolero 32.909
    Dschinghis Khan Samurai 69.686
    Duncan/Wilde I just died in your arms 42.524
    Dyva Megamix 79.766

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    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA


    E.G.DAILY Mind over metter 48.285
    E.G.DAILY Say it say it 59.163
    E.L.O Hold on tight 49.016
    Eartha kitt Where is my man 29.366
    Eartha Kitt Wherer is my men 40.169
    East Clubbers Sexstasy 14.248
    Eddie Thoneck Love sensation 45.383
    EDDY H. U.S.S.R /discoteka/ 111.380
    EDDY H. U.S.S.R /festivalbar/ 121.416
    EDDY H. Up and down 35.444
    EDDY H. U.S.S.R /clip/ 55.948
    Edelweiss Bring me edelweiss 39.086
    Edurne Danving queen 29.096
    Edurne Despierta 48.320
    Edwin Starr Happy radio 92.709
    Egma Never gonna loose you 41.560
    Eiffel 65 Get down on it 35.277
    Eiffel 65 Blue 39.919
    Eiffel 65/Ann Lee Ring my bell 43.151
    Eighth Wonder Im not scared 271.022
    Eighth Wonder Cross my heart 46.863
    El Chombo Chacaron 32.639
    Elize Automatic 60.937
    Elize I m no latino 61.591
    Elize Into your system 61.632
    Emjay Stimulate 78,989
    Era Ameno 129.549
    Erasure Oh l amour 33.531
    Eric Pridz Property education 236.090
    Erica I don’t know 66.745
    Ernesto vs Bastian Dark side 136.673
    Eruption I cant stand the rain 25.823
    Eruption One way ticket 53.190
    Eugene Cha cha cha 191.289


    F.R.David Words /live/ 40.071
    Fair Control Symphony of love 53.455
    Fake Another brick 37.212
    Fake Donna Rouge 79.505
    Falco Der kommisar 38.006
    Falco Naked /naked/ 39.235
    Falco Vienna calling 29.883
    Falco Jeanny 60.672
    Falco Jeanny 2 104.428
    Falco Out of the dark 29.664
    Fancy Bolero 52.544
    Fancy China blue 86.912
    Fancy Chinessee eyes 41.773
    Fancy Flames of love 44.412
    Fancy Fools cry 36.190
    Fancy Lady O 43.581
    Fancy Lady of ice 31.473
    Fancy Megamix 32.175
    Fancy Runing men 35.613
    Fancy Slice me nice 67.873
    Fancy When guardian angel cry 38.746
    Fast food Rockers Fast food 33.957
    Fast food Rockers Say cheese 28.081
    Ferry Corsten Fire 75.512
    Filterfunk SOS 47.850
    Fire Inc Tonight is … 49.302
    Fire Inc. Nowhere fast 102.392
    Flash the Pan Midnight man 40.462
    Flip and Fill True lover never dies 65.597
    Florida Inc **** it 75.803
    Forever Young We will rock you 56.696
    Four Tops Reach out all be there 31.077
    Fox the fox Precious little diamond 38.644
    Foxy Get off 40.241
    Fragma Time and time again 72.505
    Fragma You are alive 37.445
    Fragma You are alive /l/ 81.987
    Fragma/Maria Rubia Everythime you neeed me 35.056
    France Jolie Come to me 35.945
    FranceascoNapolli Balla balla 40.961
    FranceascoNapolli My quale idea 41.794
    FranceascoNapolli Stai con me 43.401
    Franch Affair Comme ci comme ca 71.846
    Franch Affair Do what you like 40.985
    Franch Affair My hearts goes 38.703
    Frankie goes to Hollywood Relax 41.910
    Fred Ventura Lost in Paris 17.974
    Fred Ventura One day 23.374
    Fred Ventura The years 40.674
    Fred Ventura Wind of change 44.799
    Freeez I.O.U. 51.946
    Fresh Fox Sexy 47.487
    Frida I know there 43.143
    Fun Fun Bailla Bolero /live/ 38.156
    Fun Fun Gimme your love 56.106
    Fun Fun Happy station 64.664
    Fun Fun Hitmix 50.602

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    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA


    GALA Let a boy cry 34.495
    GAlleon I believe 26.126
    GAlleon One sign 30.893
    GAlleon So I begin 50.626
    Gap Band Ooop side down 35.584
    Gary Low Forever 42.808
    Gary Low I want you 36.515
    GAya Never meet 74.820
    Gazebo I like chopin 43.108
    Gazebo Lunatic 40.341
    Gazebo Masterpiece 41.105
    Gemini Five You spin me around 38.191
    Gentle touch The fire of… 142.378
    George Baker Una paloma Blanca 50.948
    Gepy and Gepy Body to body 46.233
    Gery Hallywell My chico latino 32.209
    Gianna Nannini Bello e imposibile 73.812
    Gibon Brothers Marianna 23.086
    Gibson Brothers Cuba 243.924
    Gibson Brothers Latin America 49.894
    Gigi D agostino Another way 59.826
    Gigi D agostino Silence 41.180
    Gigi D agostino The riddle 37.913
    Gina Taylor In my fantasy 26.731
    Gino Soccio The visitors 69.694
    Gino Soccio Try it out 55.847
    Gino Vanelli It hurts to be 38.286
    Girls aloud Megamix 100.758
    Girls of film Do ya think im sexy 62/586
    Giula Siegel Dance 51.042
    Global Deejays Megamix 61.605
    Global Deejays The sound of… 39.134
    Global Deejays What a feeling 64.083
    Gloria Gaynor I will survive 29.152
    Gloria Gaynor Never can say goofbye 106.134
    Golden Earing Radar love 50.668
    Gombay dance band Sun of JAMAICA 70.474
    Graaf Give it up 40.840
    Grace Jones La vie en rose 75.776
    Grant Miller Colder than ice 40.798
    Griffith Rony Desire 38.309
    Groove cats Once a life time 95.065
    Groove Coverage 7 years 61.494
    Groove Coverage Moonlight shadow 171.174
    Gunther Ding dong 80.167
    Gunther Tutti frutti 94.086
    Gunther /Samantha Fox Touch me 74.005
    Guru Josh Infinity 53.521


    Haddaway What is love 42.565
    Haiducii Dragostea din tei 66.555
    Haiducii More and more 117.015
    Hall and Oates Meneater 203.402
    Hall and Oates Out of touch 46.467
    Hally kongo band Africa men 47.059
    Hande Yener Acele etme 46.042
    Harrison George Got my mind 41.375
    Hazell Dean Searchin 146.780
    Hazell Dean Searchin 63.019
    Hazell Dean Turn into love 35.231
    Hazell Dean Whatever I do 21.384
    Hazell Dean Who s leaving 50.000
    Heath Hunther Revolution in paradise 69.673
    Haddaway What is love 42.565
    Haiducii Dragostea din tei 66.555
    Helena P. Die for you 42.599
    Helena P. The light in… 59.176
    Helene Rask No love 83.901
    HHB Cant take eyes 34.342
    HHB Country rouds 66.550
    HHB I will survive 131.663
    HHB Que serra 40.489
    Hi Teck Say say say 28.783
    Highland Solo tu 37.609
    Hit and Hide Space invaders 105.173
    Holly Dolly Dolly song 36.770
    Hot Chocolate Emma 78.066
    Hot Chocolate Every is one winner 38.996
    Hot Chocolate You sexy thing 37.337
    Hotel Saint George Wellcome 66.490
    Houston Thelma Don’t leave this way 34.333
    Howard Jones Evarlasting love 42.267
    Howard Jones What s love 58.545
    Hubert Kah So many people 42.892
    Hughes Corporation What a feeling 31.788

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    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA


    Indeep Last night dj save my life 52.520
    Irene Cara Fame 29.748
    Ivan Fotonovela 38.147
    Ivan Fotonovela ® 64.201
    Ivan Baila 42.247
    Ivan Spagna Easy lady /live/ 42.082
    In-Grid Tu es fotu 36.687
    In-Grid In tango 65.331
    Infernal From Paris to Berlin 83.095
    Infernal From Paris to Berlin ® 132.883
    Infernal I wont be crying 52.487
    Infernal Cheap trick kinda girl 65.295
    Infernal Self control 191.864
    Interactive Forever young 68.740
    Ian van Dahl Im just a girl 55.616
    Ian van Dahl Movin on 78.579
    I.S.Xandee I life 29.861


    Jam and Spoon Right in the night 71.394
    Jan Wayne Because the night 55.783
    Jan Wayne Only you 36.815
    Jan Wayne Here I am 73.488
    Jan Wayne Total eclipse of the heart 68.005
    Jean Behavoir Feel the heat 40.294
    Jellybean Who found who 119.067
    Jesse Green Nicwe and slow 21.929
    Jessica Like a burnin star 49.125
    Jessica Marquez Maria Magdalena 48.886
    John the whistler Im in love 30.094
    Johnny Wakellin In Zaire 61.410
    Joy hello 41.005
    Joy Japanesse girls 34.021
    Joy Touch by touch 60.643
    Joy Touch by touch/live/ 44.420
    Joy Valerie 40.706
    Juanes La camisa negra 39.931
    Julie Pietri Eve leve toi 41.223
    Junia Skaterboy 34.342
    Jupiter Ace 1000 58.171
    Just a man Im sorry 81.726


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    Legenda Dr.Jekyll (avatar)
    The Nags Head,Peckham
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Zurka------Beograd--11.05.07.--Karadjordjeva 9--klub ili diskoteka Baltazar--od 22:00......

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    Nov član
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Citat Original postavio Psihologue
    Davore kakva je ovo stvar KASHMIR?
    Italo (po zvuku) raritet iz 86-te, iako mislim da grupa nije iz Italije. Izdano je u Francuskoj. tko će znati sve te bizarne grupe.

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    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    KACI I think I love you ® 97.118
    Kane Rain down on me 71.411
    Kano Another life 38.464
    Karaja She moves 158.092
    Karaja What about us 83.545
    Karel Fialka Hey Matthew 65.965
    Karen and Chelle Sugar daddy 30.561
    Karen Cheryl Show me your… 63.145
    Karen Young Hot shot 44.513
    Kasino Stay tonight 38.222
    Kate Ryan Je t adore 127.823
    Kate Ryan Libertine 32.407
    Kate Ryan Only I if 66.123
    Kate Ryan Only I if ® 252.522
    Kate Ryan The promise you 32.044
    Kathy Joe Daylor With every beat 24.077
    Kay Franzes Shadow in the night 32.033
    Kay Franzes Take me and you ll win 35.271
    KC the sunshine Shake shake 73.059
    KC the sunshine That s the way 33.111
    Keith Ellis Starship on seven… 43.009
    Kelly Llorena Tell it to my heart 38.541
    Ken Laszlo Tonight 46.034
    Ken Laszlo 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,/moskou/ 78.780
    Ken Laszlo Inside my music 25.691
    Ken Laszlo Tonight ® 73.581
    Kim Apleby Don’t Worry 34.635
    Kim Lucas All I really want 43.199
    Kim Lucas Let it be 40.915
    Kim Lucas To be you 27.049
    Kim Wilde You keep me hangin on ® 93.599
    Kool the Gang Get down 77.617
    Kool the Gang Celebration 55.754
    Kool the Gang Fresh 172.752
    Koto Jabdah 37.577
    Koto Visitors /live/ 29.572
    Koto Megamix 30.062

    Koto Still alive 48.831
    Koto/Laserdance 1999 23.964
    Krayzee/CCCatch Megamix 98 35.277
    Krystine W. Fly again 56.159
    Krystine W. One more try 86.789
    Kylie M. Come into my life 44.402
    Kylie M. Giving up 36.004
    Kylie M. Love at first 40.169
    Kylie M. Slow 33.034
    Kylie M./The prodigy Mix 193,435
    Kym Mazelle Young hearts 38.809

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    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    La bouche Sweet dreams 35.321
    Lady Violet Inside to outside 37.563
    Lady Violet Beautiful world 94.218
    Lois Lane Is the first time 42.189
    Le Click Tonight is the night 36.288
    La Cream Free 35.850
    Lazard Living on a video 39.922
    Loft Summer summer 23.528
    Loona Hijo de la luna 41.583
    Loona Rhythm of the night 37.311
    Loona Bailando 36.073
    Lichtenfels Sound like a melody 88.583
    Lio AT the end 37.547
    Loco Loco Mosquito 29.461
    Lexy and K-Paul Dancing 72.691
    Lexy and K-Paul Dancing ® 96.467
    Laurent Wolfand Fake Another brick 50.144
    Lolleatta Holloway Love sensation 58.045
    Lucky Twice Lucky 52.368
    Lola No strings 83.169
    Lasgo Lying 2005 54.880
    Lasgo Pray 36.247
    Lasgo Megamix 64.539
    Liberty X /Kool the Gang Fresh 66.936
    Lorena I surender 16.672
    Le Click Tonight is the night 79.539
    Lucy Carr Missing you 37.297
    Lady Easy love 34.034
    Lily Allen Smile 29.340
    Lena Phillipson It hurts 50.162
    La bionda Bandido 35.734
    La bionda I wanna be your lover 45.024
    La bionda One for you 53.870
    Leif Garrett I was made… 22.846
    Leif Garrett Surfin USA 24.573

    Limahl Neverending story 37.934
    Lime Baby we are gonna love… 129.088
    Lime Do your time 28.720
    Lime Guilty 46.353
    Lime Unexpected lovers 30.012
    Lime Your love 144.476
    Los Bravos Black is Black 38.919
    Luisa Fernandez Lay love on me 94.300
    Luv Trojan horse 32.473
    Luv You are the greatest… 27.405
    Latin Lover Casanova action 20.623
    Laban Caught by suprise 35.888
    Laban Love in siberia 33.337
    Laid Back Sunshine reaggue 73.465
    Laura Brenigan Gloria 197.197
    Laura Brenigan Selfcontrol 54.020
    Lee Marrow Sayonara 38.045
    Lee Marrow Shanghai 50.241
    Les Mc Keown It s a game 138.565
    Les Mc Keown Love hurts 16.118
    Les Mc Keown Love is a just… 24.779
    Les Mc Keown Nobody makes 31.420
    Les Mc Keown She is lady 22.805
    Les Mc Keown She is lady /live/ 185.370
    Lian Ross Fantasy 21.733
    Lian Ross Feel so good 95.355
    Lian Ross Neverending love 27.667
    Lian Ross Say say say 99.245
    Lian Ross Say you never 89.679
    Lian Ross vsBad boys Blue Mix 111.241
    Lili & Sussie Enkel resa 41.394
    Lili & Sussie Hypnotized 51.453
    Lili & Sussie Oh mama 45.648
    Lili & Sussie Okey okey 85.138
    Lili & Sussie Rober and Marie 38.552
    London Boys El matinero 60.556

    London Boys Freedom 94.343
    London Boys Harlem desire 38.045
    London Boys London nights 33.717
    London Boys My love 62.343
    London Boys Requiem 38.120
    Lucia Marinero 57.323
    Lucia Marinero ® 73.865
    L-vira Talking about rambo 24.353

    M Band Pop music 138.489
    Mabel Bum bum 31.434
    Mabel Don’t let me down 37.282
    Macho Gang Naughty boy 36.418
    Mad house Hollyday 36.572
    Mad house Like a prayer 47.879
    Madonna Beautiful stranger ® 94.004
    Magazine 60 Don Quicotte 51.389
    Magazine 60 Don Quicotte 33.531
    Magda Modra Ready to fly 48.056
    Magic Affair Omen III 124.625
    Magic Box Carillon 38.480
    Magic Box If you 81.089
    Magneto Vuela vuela 42.123
    Magnolia It al so vain 52.486
    Mai Kuraki Tonight 40.340
    Malu Fotonovela 66.988
    Manca Spik Marinero 37.990
    Mandaryna Here i go again 33.910
    Mandaryna L ete indien 37.120
    Mandy Smith Boys and girls 33.383
    Mandy Smith I just can wait 31.862
    Mandy Smith Victim of pleasure 32.467
    Margaret Berger Samantha 22.644
    Mark Ashley When I see 37.818
    Marquees El temperamento 51.212
    Martika Toy soldier 49.991
    Martinelli Cenerentolla 97.197
    Martinelli Orient express 18.925
    Master Balster Ballet dancer 70.687
    Master Balster How old r u 64.798
    Master Balster Hypnotic tango 29.786
    Matia Bazar Ti sento 41.109
    Mauro Buona serra 74.157
    Max Graham Owner 128.514
    Max Him Japanese girl 24.863
    Max Him No escape 78.156
    Maywood Rio 46.878
    MC Miker Hollyday rap 43.967
    Mc Vspishkin Novogodnaja 68.170
    Me and My Let the love go 43.529
    Meck Thunder in my heart 115.929
    Melanie C. I turn to you 43.972
    Melanie C. Yeah 104.520
    Men at work Down Under 74.872
    Men without hats Safety dance 28.749
    Michael Cornell Stop the rain 73.773
    Michael Cretu Samurai 64.705
    Michael Fortunaty Give me 36.501
    Michael Sambello Maniac 41.531
    Mike Francis Survivor 41.316
    Mike Mareen Dancing in the dark 109.337
    Mike Mareen Here I am 24.059
    Mike Mareen Love spy 35.508
    Mike Mareen Love spy 78.836
    Mike Mareen Agent of liberty 57.719
    Mike Mareen Videomegamix 32.575
    Mike Mareen Win the race 41.570
    Mike Oldfeld Moonlight shadow 33.762
    Miko Mission How old are you 38.081
    Miko Mission The world is you 37.798
    Miko Mission Two for love 49.720
    Milk and sugar Let the sunshine 163.446
    Miranda Vamos a la playa 35.040
    Miss Shiva Dreams 68.302
    Mixed Emotions Bring back 37.041
    Models Fame 32.130
    Models Fame /live/ 32.931
    Modern Clubbing You are my heart 77.818
    Modern Talkin Megamixg 73.921
    Modern Talking Brother Loiue 36.529
    Modern Talking Cherry cherry lady 67.882
    Modern Talking Don’t worry 34.668
    Modern Talking Give me peace on earth 64.372
    Modern Talking Therre is too much… 26.449
    Modern Talking You can wn 64.406
    Mo-Do Ein zwei polizei 24.898
    Mo-Do Gema tanzen 38.392
    Molela Baby 59.859
    Molela Love lasts forever 47.826
    Monday Fallin angel 27.631
    Monte Christo Girls of lucifer 41.509
    Morris Tonight is the night 48.143
    Moti Special Cold days cold nights 44.883
    Moulin Rouge Big boys don’t cry 15.640
    Mozzart Money 25.431
    Mozzart/Mike Mareen Medley 64.015
    Mr Zivago Little russian 117.364
    Muriel Dacq Tropique 33.462
    Murray Head One night in Bangkok 40.910
    My mine Can delight 39.604
    My mine Hypnotic tango 25.857
    Mylene Farmer Desenchante 99.989
    Mylene Farmer Libertine 112.566
    Mylene Farmer Sans contrefacon 87.804
    Mylene Farmer Tristana 137.624
    Mytos Send me an angel 73.665

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA


    Nadiya Rock 102.918
    Nadiya Tous ces mouts 112.646
    Nadiya What a feeling 96.034
    Nathalie My love wont.. 31.005
    Neja Restless 41.669
    Neja Shock 37.364
    Nena 99 balons 57.828
    Netzwerk Memories 72.249
    New Baccara Fantasy boy 89.111
    New Baccara Call me up 9.950
    New Romance You are my first 22.829
    Nick Straker A walk in the park 36.097
    Nicki Feench Don’t play that 29.277
    Nicki French Total eclipse of the heart 40.281
    No Angles There must be an angel 41.631
    Noemi In my dreams 70.154
    Noosha fox Only you can 31.375
    Novaspace Beds are burning 68.895
    Novaspace Dancing with tears in my eyes 56.743
    Novaspace Run to you 71.309
    Novaspace Time after time 75.703
    Novaspace To France 67.176
    Novecento Moving on 39.822
    Novecento Moving on 74.958
    Novecento Excessive love 23.925
    Nu Shooz I cant wait 49.221
    Numero Uno Tora tora 65.151


    O.K Okey 35.589
    Odyssey Going back to my rots 52.956
    Off Electrica salsa 49.542
    Ofra Haza Im nin alu 70.149
    Ondina Into the night 73.554
    Opus Life is live 64.349
    Oran Juice Jones The rain 89.029
    Orgy Blue monday 45.314
    Ottawan Disco 31.945
    Ottawan Hands up 90.311
    Ottawan Megamix 37.582

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    Primećen član Cherry : ) (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Pre je bila bolja muzika, a sad je nikakva!
    Dodushe ja ni ne idem ali sam chula da je do 00:00 tehno a od 00:01 pa nadalje naradnjaci, tako da ni nemam shta da trazim.
    Koliko sam razumela (od mojih roditelja) u diskotekama se pre pushtao rok a oni koji vole narodnjake morali su da idu kafane i u disku nisu imali shta da traze. E to je disko!

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Da nisi kojim slucajem omasila temu?

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA


    P.4.F Relax 27.883
    P.LION Dreams 40.092
    P.LION Happy children 70.907
    Pachanga Close to you 56.063
    Pachanga Loco 70.494
    Paco Pil Viva la fiesta 72.049
    Pakito Moving on a stereo 42.154
    Pakito Living on a video 60.554
    Paps n Skar Mirage la luna 37.318
    Paps n Skar You want me 57.860
    Paris Avenue I want you 69.261
    Passengers He speedy like gonzales 99.912
    Patrick Hernandez Born to be alive 33.143
    Patrick Hernandez Disco queen 58.362
    Patrick Juvet I love America 36.889
    Patti Labelle Lady marmelade 41.415
    Patti Smith Because the night 34.943
    Patty Ryan You are my life 129.062
    Paul Lekasis Boom boom 30.300
    Paul Lekasis My house 44.856
    Paul Lekasis Megamix 52.114
    Paul Parker Right on target 54.882
    Paul Parker Desire 71.390
    Paul van Dyke Tewll em why? 39.124
    Paulina Rubio I was made for…. 39.461
    Penny Mc Lean Lady bump 23.093
    Pet Shop Boys It s a sin 51.109
    Pet Shop Boys Always on my mind 52.824
    Pete Shelley Telephone operater 66.427
    Pete Wyle Sinful 39.061
    Peter Bauman Strangers in the night 65.663
    Peter Jacques Band Walkin 42.336
    Peter Schilling Terra titanic 84.643
    Pharao There is a star 79.979
    Pink Project Disco project 34.379
    Plazma You will never 31.460
    Plazma Take me love 32.842
    Plazma The sweetest siurrender 38.260
    Plazma Lonely 39.004
    Pointer Sister Im so exscited 38.957
    Pointer Sister Automatic 43.228
    Precious Wilson Hold im coming 42.711
    Provenzamo Runing up 38.051
    Pseudo Echo Funky town 32.353
    Pussycat Georgie 45.700


    R.Bais Dial my nomber 90.005
    R.Bais Dial my number/live/ 44.294
    Radio Pirates What shall with drunk dj 34.477
    Radiorama Aliens 72.410
    Radiorama Aliens /stereo/ 70.659
    Radiorama Keep on music 45.888
    Radiorama Vampires 92.935
    Radiorama Warrior 41.941
    RAFF Selcontrol 30.548
    Raff/Branigan Selcontrol 59.328
    Raggio da Luna Comanchero 39.004
    Raimunda Navaro Te amo 15.029
    Raimunda Navaro Yesahel 24.202
    Real Life Send me an angel 39.195
    Reeds In your eyes 111.474
    Rettore Splendido 89.312
    Righeira No tengo di nero 40.873
    Righeira Vamos a la playa 65.154
    Robey One night in Bangkok 34.811
    Rocky M. Fly with me 59.571
    Roger Meno I find the way 35.911
    Round One In Zaire 24.423
    Roxanne Charlene 41.421
    Roxanne Give a little love 30.296
    Ryan Paris Fall in love 26.827
    Ryan Paris Dolce vitta 50.579
    Raffaela Carra A far la amore 24.017
    Ram Jam Black Betty 40.910
    Redbone The witch queen 41.983
    Rick Astley Take me to your heart 35.323
    Rick Astley She wants to… 33.707
    Rick Astley Never gonna give up 36.584
    Rick Astley Together forever 34.654
    Rick James Superfunk 154.508
    Rick James Party old the time 43.044

    Rocco Granata Marina 25.628
    Rock Steady Crew Hey you 62.719
    Rockwell Somebody watching me 37.508
    Rose Laurens Africa /version/ 37.337
    Rose Laurens Africa TV 32.368
    Ru Paul Hollywood Usa 38.036
    Rachel Stevens More more 27.852
    Regina Day by day 38.226
    Royal Gigolos California dream 184.886
    Royal Gigolos Self control 66.618
    Robert Miles One and one 41.132
    Regi No music 68.779
    Rollergirl Geisha dreams 40.898
    Riva Time is the healer 80.029
    Rollergirl Superstar 38.172
    Rolelrgirl Close to you 73.066
    Royal Gigolos No milk today 54.669
    Russkiy Razmer Vot tak 21.620
    Rachel Stevens Knock on wood 35.074

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Sabrina Hot girl / live/ 35.347
    Sabrina All of me 29.476
    Sabrina Boys boys 162.462
    Sabrina Gringo 58.756
    Sabrina My chico 49.913
    Sabrina My chico 196.000
    Sabrina Videomix 55.314
    Salico Im on fire 27.201
    Salvar Sandra Like a prayer 63.222
    Sammy Fox Do ya do ya 40.085
    Sammy Fox I only wanna 28.460
    Sammy Fox I surrender 51.333
    Sammy Fox Let me be free 38.176
    Sammy Fox Nothings gonna 38.814
    Sammy Fox Touch me 39.312
    Sandra Maria Magdalena® 2005 81.681
    Sandra Such a shame 39.766
    Sandra Heaven can wait® special 95.169
    Sandra Kim J aime la vie 62.221
    Sandra/Dj Bobo Secrets of love 37.907
    Sandra/M.Cretu You and I 37.369
    Sandra/M.Cretu Maria Magdalena 44.492
    Sandy Marton Camel by camel 31.751
    Sandy Marton Exsotic and erotic 153.428
    Sandy Marton Love synchronisity 110.028
    Sandy Marton Modern Lovers 38.383
    Sandy Marton People from Ibizza 54.437
    Santa Esmeralda Another cha cha 44.556
    Santa Esmeralda Don’t let me be miss understud 78.153
    Saphir I am alive 34.004
    Saphir I am alive ® 41.000
    Saphir Shot in the night 23.420
    Sara Jorge Beautiful world 94.979
    Sarah Brightman I loves my heart 43.950
    Sarah Conor From zero to hero 53.553
    Sash Mysterious ways 109.976
    Sash Encore une fois 55.693
    Sash La primavera 75.036
    Sash Just around the hill 75.519
    Sash Stay 65.504
    Sasha Dith Russian girls 56.300
    Sauvage Don’t you want me 38.379
    Savage Celebrate 33.086
    Savage Don’t cry tonght 37.221
    Savage Fugitive 78.005
    Savage Only you 170.976
    Savage Only you/ live/ 117.712
    Savage Radio 45.698
    Say Say Revolution in my heart 25.756
    Scala Machina nera 33.428
    Scooter Nessaja 71.353
    Scotch Delirio mind 24.741
    Scotch Disco bend 26.751
    Scotch Disco bend /live/ 32.779
    Scotch Mirage 32.251
    Scotch Mirage /live/ 123.818
    Scotch Take me up 29.279
    Seamus Haji Last night dj save my life 72.313
    Secret Service Flash in the night 70/136
    Secret Service Joana 36.122
    Selena Shotgun 27.081
    September It doesn’t metter 60.394
    Shalamar A night to remember 39.992
    Shana I want you 39.546
    Shana Tesh Boom boom 34.929
    Shana Tesh Porque te vas 35.983
    Shana Vanguarde Dancing queen 73.321
    Shana Vanguarde Gimme gimme 68.893
    Shannon Do you wanna get 43.546
    Shannon Let the music play 35.759
    Sharam Party old the time 87.097
    Sheila Singing in the rain 113.082
    Sheila Spacer 38.065
    Sheree Ronnie talks to russia 110.694
    Sheryl Lee Ralph In the evening 42.171
    Shimai Estoi bailando 47.584
    Shocking Blue Venus 40.752
    Shooting Party Safe in the arms of love 161.786
    Silent Circle Danger 21.741
    Silent Circle Time for love 139.776
    Silent Circle Touch in the night 61.399
    Silicon Dream Albert Einstein 47.541
    Silicon Dream Jimmy Dean 151.756
    Silicon Dream Marcelo the Mastroiani 34.123
    Silicon Dream Andromeda 38.953
    Silver Blue Do you now 71.499
    Silver Convention Fly Robin fly 40.599
    Silver Pozzoli Around my dream 37.322
    Silver Pozzoli From you to me 41.027
    Sinitta Cross my broken heart 37.929
    Sinitta GTO 61.179
    Sinitta So macho 34.236
    Sinitta Toy boy 38.564
    Siouxsie The passenger 35.842
    Sisse Marie Boom boom 26.410
    Sister Sister Blue night in Alcatraz 23.296
    Sister Sledge All American girls 63.790
    Sister Sledge Lost in music 82.879
    Sister Sledge We are family 67.994
    Skyy Givin it 31,036
    Smile Dk Boys 30.584
    Smile Dk Butterfly 32.203
    Smokie Needles and pins 36.919
    Soccx From dusk till down 52.060
    Soccx Scream out loud 51.048
    Soda Club Take me breath away 69.512
    Solid Base Come and get me 38.643
    Solid Base I like it 67.013
    Solid Base Mirror mirror 81.489
    Solid Base Sunny hollyday 37.318
    Solid Base U never know 51.085
    Sonia Listen to your heart 77.672
    Sonique Another world 138.985
    Soraya Because the night 76.164
    Soraya Self control /live/ 37.124
    Soraya Self control 37.645
    Space Magic fly 77.535
    Spagna Call me 188.722
    Spagna Easy lady (1) 31.000
    Spagna Easy lady (2) 38.575
    Spagna Every girl and boy /live/ 128.630
    Spagna Every girl and boy 42.339
    Spagna Medley 239.854
    Spagna This generation 59.424
    Spargo You and me 42.761
    Split Mirrors Voices 62.771
    Squash Gang I want an illusion 53.507
    Squeez Up La isla bonita 74.580
    Stacey Q I love you 37.945
    Stacey Q We connect 39.534
    Stacey Q Two hearts 39.410
    Stargo Live is life 35.668
    Starplash Fly away 70.084
    Stars on 45 Abba medley 71.545
    Stars on 45 Stars on 45 55.543
    Starstylers Higher 117.515
    Starting Rock Don’t go 59.402
    Stellar project Get up stend up 51.378
    Stephanie Irrestible 93.902
    Stephanie One love to give 57.411
    Steve Miller Band Abracadabra 37.094
    Steve Murrano Passion 23.523
    Stonebridge Put them high 46.621
    Stonebridge Take em a way 63.391
    Style It s a secret 109.583
    Stylers and breeze You are shining 46.905
    Styloo Pretty face 45.626
    Styloo Why 35.193
    Styx Mr robota 57.040
    Sugar hill Gang Rappers delight 37.635
    Summerlove Remember 43.836
    Sunblock First time 95.674
    Sunblock Il be ready 132.033
    Sunblock Baby baby 45.744
    Supafly Moving to fast 57.238
    Supermax Love machine 55.043
    Supermode Tell me why? 34.870
    Suzy Quatro Stumblin In 30.616
    Sweet Connection Dirty Job 34.813
    Sweet Connection Heart to heart 37.813
    Sweet Connection Need your passion 34.813
    Sweet Connection Need your passion /live/ 20.823
    Sylver foreveer in love 34.179
    Sylver Lay all your love 45.788
    Sylver Take me back 62.916
    Sylver Turn the tide 41.887
    Sylvester Do you wanna funk 69.954
    Sylvester You make me feel 67.237
    Systems in blue 1001 nights 48.332
    Systems in blue Point of no return 85.987
    Systems in blue/Patty Ryan One summer in Moscow 38.401

  14. #239
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Citat Original postavio vnkrca
    Zurka------Beograd--11.05.07.--Karadjordjeva 9--klub ili diskoteka Baltazar--od 22:00......
    A jesu li te zurke otvorenog tipa... mislim cemu ici do BGa i poljubiti vrata?

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Psiholog, imas li spotove ili koncerte tih grupa u originalnom DVD formatu?

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    U svakom slucaju ako neko hoce da se menja za ovo neka se javi. Inace, to su sve koncerti (ili spotovi u DVD formatu:

    3 TENORS, The In Cincert 1994. Vith Mehta
    ABBA The Definitive Collection
    ABBA In Concert
    AC/DC Family Jewels
    AC/DC Family Jewels
    AC/DC Live At Donington
    ACE OF BASE Clips
    AFRO-CUBAN, The ALLSTARS, COMPAY SEGUNDO At The Salon Of Dreams: Live At L'Olympia
    A-HA Live In Oslo
    AHMAD JAMAL In Concert
    AIR Video Collection
    AL DI MEOLA Live At Montreux
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Live At The Beacon Theatre
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Live At The Beacon Theatre
    AMADEUS BAND Uzivo U Nisu
    ANDREA BOCELLI A Night In Tuscany
    ANNIE LENNOX Live In Central Park
    ANTONIO VIVALDI The Four Seasons (Herbert Von Karajan)
    AUDIOSLAVE Live In Cuba
    B.B. KING Live In Africa
    BARBRA STREISAND Timeless - Live In Concert
    BAUHAUS Gotham (1999)
    BEACH BOYS, The Live At Knebworth,England
    BEATLES, The Anthology Disk 1
    BEATLES, The Anthology Disk 2
    BEATLES, The Anhology Disk3
    BEATLES, The Anthology Disk 4
    BEATLES, The Anthology Disk 5
    BEATLES, The Anthology Disk 6
    BEATLES, The Anthology Disk 7
    BEATLES, The Anthology Disk 8
    BEE GEES Greatest Hits
    BEN HARPER Live At The Hollywood Bowl
    BEYONCE Live At Vembley
    BIJELO DUGME 1975 - 1984
    BIJELO DUGME 1984 - 1989
    BIJELO DUGME Concert
    BIJELO DUGME Concert
    BILLY IDOL Strytellers
    BLUES EXPLOSION Jon Spencer - Fang Visual
    BLUR The Best Of
    BOB DYLAN Hard To Handle
    BOB MARLEY Rebel Music - The Bob Marley Story
    BOND Royal Albert Hall
    BONEY M The Greatest Hits
    BORA DUGIC Igra Duha I Daha
    BRITNEY SPEARS Live & More
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Hammersmith Odeon London `75.
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Live In Barcelona
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Live In Barcelona
    BRYAN ADAMS MTV Unplugged
    BRYAN FERRY Live In Paris - Rex
    BYRDS Never To Be Forgotten - Oklahoma City `86.
    BYRDS, The Ocklahoma City
    CARMINA BURANA Carmina Burana
    CAT STEVENS Majikat
    CELINE DION The Colour Of My Love
    CELINE DION Au Coeur Du Stade
    CELINE DION All The Way… A Decade Of Song & Video (A New Day Has Come)
    CHER Do You Belive
    CHER The Very Best
    CHRIS REA Spots
    CLASH The Essential Clash
    CONCERT FOR BANGLADESH George Harrison And Friends - 1971 Disc 1
    CONCERT FOR BANGLADESH George Harrison And Friends - 2005 Disc 2
    CORS, The In Blue
    CRANBERIES, The Live In Paris
    CREAM Strange Brew
    CULT Pure Cult DVD Anthology 1984-1995 (2001)
    DANCE CLASSICS R Palmer,G Gaynor,D Summer…
    DANCE VALLEY Dolina Densa - 2004
    DAVID BOWIE A Reality Tour
    DEF LEPPARD Historia
    DEPECHE MODE One Night In Paris
    DIANA KRALL Live In Paris
    DISCIPLIN A KITCHME Exit 10.07.2005.
    DISCO INFERNO Disco Inferno
    DISCO OF THE '80s Spots
    DIVAS Las Vegas (Anastacia,Celine,Cher,Shakira)
    DIVAS LIVE Celine,Gloria,Aretha,Shania,Mariah
    DONNA SUMMER Live & More Encore
    DOORS 30 Years Commemorative Edition Disc 1
    DOORS 30 Years Commemorative Edition Disc 2
    DOORS Live In Europe 1968
    DOORS L.A. Wooman Live
    DRAGAN STOJNIC Osmomartovski koncert
    DURAN DURAN Mtv Unplugged
    DURAN DURAN Live From London
    EARTH WIND & FIRE Live By Request
    ELVIS PRISLEY `68 Comeback Special Disc 1
    ELVIS PRISLEY `68 Comeback Special Disc 2
    ELVIS PRISLEY `68 Comeback Special Disc 3
    ERIC BURDON Live At The Coach House
    ERIC CLAPTON Reptile
    ERIC CLAPTON Unplugged
    ERIC CLAPTON Session For Robert Jackson
    ERIC CLAPTON Nothing But The Blues
    EURYTHMICS Greatest Hits
    FAITLESS The Greatest Hits
    FAT BOY SLIM Big Beach Boutique
    FESTIVAL EXPRESS Janis Joplin,Grateful Dead,The Band…
    FLEETWOOD MAC The Vaudevile Years 1968 To 1970
    FRANK SINATRA The Man And His Music
    FRANK ZAPPA John,Dan & Me (1976)
    G3 Satriani, Vai, Petrucci - Live In Tokyo
    GARY MOORE Ballads & Blues - Live Blues
    GIPSY KINGS US Tour Disk 2
    GIPSY KINGS, The Tiera Gitana Disk 1
    GLORIA ESTEFAN Everlasting Gloria
    GOTAN PROJECT La Revancha Del Tango Live
    GRAND KARAOKE Grand Karaoke
    GRATEFUL DEAD Downhill From Here (1989)
    GREEN DAY Bullet In A Bibble
    GUČA Gospodari Trube
    GUNS`N`ROSES Welcome To The Videos
    IBANEZ - 90Th ANNIVERSARY Steve Vay, Andy Thimons, Paul Gilbert…
    IGGY POP Live At The Avenue 8
    INXS Live Baby Live
    ISAAC HAYES Live At The Jazz Open Stuttgart 97.
    JAMES BROWN Live At Chastain Park
    JANES ADDICTION Strays [Bonus DVD]
    JANIS JOPLIN & BIG BROTHER Nine Hundred Nights
    JEAN MICHEL JARRE Paris & Houston
    JEAN MICHEL JARRE Oxygene Moscow
    JEAN MICHEL JARRE Live In China 2004
    JENNIFER LOPEZ Let`s Get Loud
    JIMI HENDRIX Classic Albums - Electric Ladyland
    JIMI HENDRIX Jimi Plays Berkeley
    JOE COCKER Mad Dogs And Englishman
    JOHN COLTRANE The World Recording …
    JOHN KAY & FRIENDS Live at the Renaissance Center (2004)
    JOHN LEE HOOKER Come And See About Me
    JOHN LENNON Lennon Legend
    JOHNNY CASH The Anthology (2001)
    KEB 'MO' Seassions At 54th
    KEITH RICHARDS Main Offender Tour 1992.
    KOOL & THE GANG Live From House Of Blues
    KYLIE MINOGUE Kylie Fever 2002
    LEGENDE 1000 Koncert
    LEONARD COHEN Ladies & Gentlemen
    LOS LOBOS Live Ohne Filter Extra 99.
    LOS LOBOS Live At The Fillmore
    LOU REED Walk On The Wild Side
    LOUIS Uzivo U Studiju
    LOVE OF THE `80s L Richie, D Ross, Wham, Madonna, B Tyle
    MADONNA Ciao Italia!
    MADONNA The Video Collection 1993-1999
    MANU CHAO Babilonia En Guagua Disc 1
    MANU CHAO Babilonia En Guagua Disc 2
    MARIZA Live In London
    MARVIN GAYE Live In Montreux 1980.
    MIKE OLDFIELD The Millennium Bell - Live In Berlin
    MIKE OLDFIELD Exposed Disc 1
    MIKE OLDFIELD Exposed Disc 2
    MILES DAVIS Miles In Paris
    MILES DAVIS Miles Electric A Different Kind of Blue (2004)
    MODERN JAZZ QUARTET 35Th Anniversary Concert
    MOODY BLUES, The Night Red Rock With Colorado S. O.
    MORRISEY Oye Esteban
    MORRISEY Rockpalast
    MOTORHEAD 25 & Alive Boneshaker
    MTV UNPLUGGED Classics Moments
    NEW ORDER New York 81 - Reading Festival 98
    NIRVANA Mtv Unplugged
    NIRVANA With The Lights Out (2004) - part of box set
    OASIS …There And Then
    OSIBISA Legends Of Rock
    PARNI VALJAK 25 Godina
    PAUL McCARTNEY In Red Square
    PAUL McCARTNEY Live At The Cavern Club
    PAUL WELLER Live At The Royal Albert Hall
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 1992. Sting, B.May, M.Oldfield, B.Geldof, Zuchero Disc 1
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 1993. Bonus Concert - My Heart`s Delight Disc 2
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 1994. A.Vollenweider, B.Adams, A.Bocelli, Giorgia Disc 3
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 1995 M.Bolton, M.Kamen, S.Le Bon, Zuchero,Bono Disc 4
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 1996 A.D.Meola, E.Clapton, P.DeLucia, L.Mineli Disc 5
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 1998 J.B.Jovi, C.Dion, N.Cole, E.Ramozzitti… Disc 6
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 1999. B.B.King, J.Cocker, M.Carey, L.Richie… Disc 7
    PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS - 2000. E.Iglesias, Eurythmics, T.Chapman, I.Grandi Disc 8
    PET SHOP BOYS Videography
    PINK FLOYD Live At Pompeii
    PINK FLOYD The Wall (Live In Berlin)
    POLICE, The Live 79 At Hatfield Polytechnic
    POLICE, The Every Breath You Take
    PRETENDERS Greatest Hits
    PRINCE The Hits Collection
    QUEEN Live At Vembley Stadium
    QUEEN Live In Budapest
    R.E.M. The Best Of
    RADIOHEAD The Astoria London
    RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Stadium Arcadium
    RIBLJA CORBA Video Spotovi
    RIVERDANCE Live From New York City
    ROBBIE WILLIAMS Live At Knebworth - What We Did Last Summer
    ROCKTHOLOGY Pantera,Rollins Band,Primus,Body Count… Disc 3
    ROD STEWART It Had To Be You - The Great American Songbook
    ROLLING STONES Rock And Roll Circus
    ROLLING STONES Four Flick - Stadium Twickenham London
    ROLLING STONES Four Flick - Documentary
    ROLLING STONES Four Flick - Theatre Olympia Paris
    ROLLING STONES Four Flick - Arena Madison Square Garden
    RORY GALLAGHER Rockpalast
    RORY GALLAGHER Rockpalast
    ROXETTE The Complete Collection Disc 1
    ROXETTE The Complete Collection Disc 2
    ROXY MUSIC Live At The Apollo - London 2001
    ROY ORBISON Black & White Night

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    SANJA ILIC & BALKANIKA Live On Kalemegdan - Belgrade 2005
    SCORPIONS Acoustca
    SEAL Live In Paris
    SHAKIRA Unplugged
    SHERYL CROW C`Mon America
    SIMPLY RED Home Live In Sicily
    SIMPLY RED Live In London
    SINNED O' CONNOR TheValue Of Ignorance
    SINNED O' CONNOR Live In Dublin
    SMAK Ponocni Koncert
    SNAP Videos
    SOLOMON BURKE Live At North Sea Jazz 2003.
    SONIC YOUTH Rock En Siene 2004
    SRETNO DIJETE Azra, Idoli, Film, Haustor, Orgazam…
    STEVE VAI Live The Astoria 2001.
    STING Brand New Day - Live At Universal Amphitheatre
    STRAY CATS Rumble In Brixton
    SUPER GUITAR TRIO & FRIENDS Di Meola, Coryel, La Grene
    SVETLANA CECA VELICKOVIC Koncert Na Uscu 2006 Disc 1
    SVETLANA CECA VELICKOVIC Koncert Na Uscu 2006 Disc 2
    TEARS FOR FEARS Tears Roll Down
    TEXAS Paris
    TINA TURNER Simply The Best - The Video Collection
    TINA TURNER Live In Rio
    TOKIO HOTEL Schrei - Live
    TOM JONES Cardiff Castle Live
    TOM JONES An Audience With Tom Jones
    TOTO Greatest Hits
    U2 Live From Sydney
    U2 Go Home - Live From Slane Castle Ireland
    U2 The Best Of 1990 - 2000
    U2 Live From Boston - Elevation 2001.
    U2 Rattle And Hum
    UB 40 The Collection
    UNDERWORLD Everything Eveything
    URIAH HEAP Live In Moscow
    URIAH HEAP The Ultimate Anthology
    VA / JAZZ IT ! The Best Of Jazz On TDK (2004)
    VANESSA MAE Royal Albert Hall
    VANGELIS Mithodea
    VARIOUS ARTISTS The Paris Concert for Amnesty International
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Old Grey Whistle Test Disc 1
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Old Grey Whistle Test Disc 2
    WAVE TO THE `80s D Bowie, Duran Duran, Ultravox, Eurythmics
    WHATSTAX Soul festival
    WHITNEY HOUSTON The Greatest Hits
    WISHBONE ASH Live 30th Anniversary Concert (2000)

  18. #243
    Zainteresovan član
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    To je nekih 284 dvd-ja koje ja posedujem, a mogu da nabavim po 150 din jos oko 600 dvd-ja. A po 320 dinara jos neverovatnih 4500 dvd-ja! Medjutim tu nema ovih stvari:

    VARIOUS ARTIST - DVD Italo Fresh Hits 2

    DVD with 40 Italo Fresh Hits VIDEO CLIPS

    PAL Format DVD 9
    Dolby Digital
    145 minutes

    Ingrid-"Qui" 3:09
    Gigi D'Agostino-"La Passion" 3:34
    Benassi Bros. feat Dhany-"Rocket in the sky" 3:58
    Cappella-"Move on Baby" 3:38
    Stefano Nardini-"Il Ciupa Ciupa (il Ballo Di Gomma)" 3:52
    Bad Candy-"More More More" 2:58
    Double You-"We all need love" 3:35
    49ers-"Touch Me" 3:43
    The Officer and Elios-"Baby Gimme all your love" 3:40
    Whigfield-"Think of You" 4:00
    Roxbury 54 feat Dino-"Disco for life" 4:00
    Ann Lee-"Voices" 4:06
    K.-"Happy Children" 3:19
    Fresh Caramel-"Weekend Time" 3:47
    Ice MC-"Think about the way" 4:16
    Mad'House-"Like a prayer" 3:37
    Fancy-"Chinese Eyes" 4:00
    KK Project-"I like to move it" 3:28
    Yamboo ft. Dr Alban-"Sing Hallelujah" 3:34
    Gigi D'Agostino-"Bla Bla Bla" 3:11
    Corona-"Try me Out" 3:29
    Bacacha-"Chacarron" 3:03
    Albert One-"Mandy" 4:39
    Regina-"Close the Door" 3:35
    Prezioso-"Le Louvre" 3:36
    Whigfield-"Big Time" 3:18
    Benny Benassi-"Who's your daddy" 3:27
    Le Weekend-"(this is not a)Lullaby" 3:09
    Mike Mareen-"Love Spy"(reloaded) 3:37
    Cappella-"Tell me the way" 3:36
    Graffito-"Brucia Dentro" 3:54
    Ice MC-"Take away the colour" 3:35
    In-Grid-"In-Tango" 3:25
    Alessandro Mara-"Amarsi Cos'É" 3:51
    Valerie Dore-"The Night" 3:30
    Dionira-"Sei Un Ba" 3:58
    Zhi-Vago-"Dreamer" 3:45
    Max de Angelis-"LaSoluzione" 2:53
    The Officer and Elios-"Don't break my heart" 3:51
    Povia-"I Bambini Fanno "OH"" 3:36


    VARIOUS ARTISTS - DVD I Love Videoclips Vol 1

    DVD from Blanco Y Negro compiled by Rafa Carmona

    18 tracks + videoclips
    DVD 5 Pal2 Stereo 70 minutes


    Imagination-"Just an Illusion"
    Gazebo-"I Like Chopin"
    Tulio De Piscopo-"Stop Bayon"
    Righeira-"No Tengo Dinero"
    Limahl-"Never Ending Story"
    Video Kids-"Woodpecker From Space"
    Valerie Dore-"The Night"
    Baltimora-"Tarzan Boy"
    Sandra-"Maria Magdalena"
    Paul Hardcastle-"19"
    Ofra Haza-"I'm Nin' Alu"
    B.V.S.M.P.-"I need You"
    Black Box-"Ride on Time"
    Raul Orellana-"The Real Wild House"
    Snap-"Rhythm is a Dancer".


    VARIOUS ARTISTS - I Love Videoclips Vol 2

    DVD 5

    Pal 2 Stereo

    65 minutes

    Blanco y Negro label

    Part 2 of the Videoclips


    Rheingold-"Dreiklands Dimensionen"
    Daryl Hall & Johan Oates-"Maneater"
    Imagination-"New Dimension"
    Trans-X-"Living on Video"
    Ric Fellini-"Welcome to Rimini"
    Dead Or Alive-"You spin me around"
    Silver Pozzoli-"Around my Dream"
    Spagna-"Easy Lady"
    Rick Astley-"Together Forever"
    Sabrina-"My Chico"
    Fancy-"Angel Eyes"
    Technotronic-"Get Up"
    Brigitte Nielson-"My Girl"
    Double You-"Please don't go"
    Haddaway-"What is Love"
    Bad Boy Blue-"Save your Love"
    Corona-'Rhythm of the Night"
    Whigfield-"Saturday Night


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    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Za svaki DVD dobijes parice ako je dobro snimljen..

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Citat Original postavio Psihologue
    Za svaki DVD dobijes parice ako je dobro snimljen..
    Ma moze i razmena, ali neznam sta te interesuje. Da se rzumemo onih zadnjih nekoliko dvd-ja pobrojanih po naslovima pesama rekoh da nemam, niti sam igde naso sem u inostranstvu. A onaj veliki spisak su koncerti i spotovi koje ja posedujem. Moj mail je .

  21. #246
    Legenda Dr.Jekyll (avatar)
    The Nags Head,Peckham
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Citat Original postavio Van-Helsing
    A jesu li te zurke otvorenog tipa... mislim cemu ici do BGa i poljubiti vrata?
    Nije otvorenog tipa ali me takva zurka ne interesuje gde ce se maltene na celoj zurci pustati nekakav trance,trash,hip-hop,lili-pop.......i ko zna kakve jos gluposti.Bice itala i disco muzike ali vrlo vrlo malo.Italo-disco zurka ce biti septembra meseca.E to vredi.

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    Buduća legenda djorax (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Svaka čast na kolekciju Psihologue.

  23. #248
    Starosedelac Psihologue (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Hvala pobratime Djoraxe...

  24. #249
    Domaćin Liza Dennis (avatar)
    La Casa de Gran Hermano! Ahora estoy en Pristina. Estoy luchando por interesos de serbios en Kosova
    Tekstova u blogu
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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Citat Original postavio vnkrca
    Nije otvorenog tipa ali me takva zurka ne interesuje gde ce se maltene na celoj zurci pustati nekakav trance,trash,hip-hop,lili-pop.......i ko zna kakve jos gluposti.Bice itala i disco muzike ali vrlo vrlo malo.Italo-disco zurka ce biti septembra meseca.E to vredi.

    JA cu svratiti na tu zurku, ali cu kasnije ici u London. Tamo ima jedna mala discothequea koju posecujem jos od pocetka 90 tih. U njoj se neguje pravi disco zvuk. Jako je popularna i za ljude sa istancanim ukusom za muziku. Podijum prima oko 1000 ljudi, pa onda mi u toj intimnoj atmosferi duskamo uz Boney M, Ottawan, Village people, ali i zvuke 80 tih. Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Kylie, Samantha Fox, Modern Talking. Pravi uzitak!

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    Podrazumevano Re: DISCO MUZIKA

    Donesi koji snimak iz te discoteke...

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